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Unlock Your Full Potential

Here's how you can engage me on your journey to becoming your best YOU!

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Natalie's Book "A Fresh 24!" is here!

How do you wake to meet a new day?  Do you wake each morning reluctant to meet a new day, or do you wake refreshed with a mindset to meet the world in a positive manner? "A Fresh 24!" is a daily read of 24 subjects(chapters), with each having over 24 of my personal affirmations to affirm, suggest, and encourage a positive way of thinking. 

 "A Fresh 24!" is here! 

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A Fresh 24! Online Workshops

What does your Monday morning look like? Do you wake each morning with the weight of the day before on your mind, or you may be dragging past hurts and failures through everydady of your life? You just may be smack-dab in the middle of stinking thinking and not know it. The way we think plays a major role in what we will or won't accomplish each day. In this 4-week online workshop we go in depth on the privilege of "A Fresh 24!". We'll look closely at the details of living a fresh life every single day and the role that our thought process plays in how productive we may or may not be. 

 Pull up a chair, grab a cup of coffee, and log in right where you are and get ready to 

"Change the way you think, to Change Your Life"! 

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Success is often attributed to a successful partnership with a coach or mentor who is capable of hearing the need of their client and walking along side them to help them accomplish their goals and dreams. A coach is a guide, a support system that  should motivate you and be truthful with you, as well as be able to listen and encourage you to your greatest level. Let me partner with you to create measurable short and long-term goals that lead to empowerment and personal fulfillment.

Invest In You!

Leadership Development & Team Building 

"Leadership is Influence, Nothing More Nothing Less." John Maxwell

 Leadership is being before doing. It is never about position more than it is about people. As organizations shift to meet the ever-growing demands of the market, so should leaders strive for excellence. Join me and other like-minded professionals on a journey to great leadership.

Change The Atmosphere!

Legacy Builders Mentorship 

Legacy is not what you leave... but what you Live!

Legacy Builders Mentorship is the beginning of an impactful experience of personal development, which is a life-long process. A mentor is a person of wisdom, direction, and experience. Mentorship should be challenging, but rewarding, growth should be the goal and priority of a good mentorship program. This 90-day empowerment series will aid you in achieving an intentional standard of living for a productive and fulfilling life!  


Natalie Speaks!

Impactful, intense, purposeful, challenging, and life-changing! If you are need of a shift in your organization, with your team, your curch group, Natalie is your Keynote! Take your organization to the next level with a powerful and influential keynote address appropriate for associates at every level

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Are You "A Lady of Le​gacy?"

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